Techase Events
  • <b>[Techase Exhibition Forecast] VIETWATER 2018</b>

    [Techase Exhibition Forecast] VIETWATER 2018(2018-11-02)

    From 7 Novemberto 9 November, VIETWATER 2018 will soon have a grand opening. As an international leader,domestic first-class professional wastewater and sludge treatment equipment and technical service provider, we invite you to join the bi...

  • <b>WEFTEC 2018 – An Amazing Trip to North America</b>

    WEFTEC 2018 – An Amazing Trip to North America(2018-10-23)

    The world’s leading water treatment equipment and technology exhibition, hosted by Water Environment Federation, was grandly held at Morrill Convention Center in New Orleans from 1 October to 3 October, 2018. WEFTEC started in 1928 and ha...

  • <b>LIVE From ECWATECH-2018 in Russia</b>

    LIVE From ECWATECH-2018 in Russia(2018-09-30)

    As the largest water treatment industry event in Eastern Europe, the ECWATECH-2018 Russia international water treatment exhibition was grandly held in Russia from September 25 to September 27, 2018. “ECWATECH” is the leading comprehensi...

  • <b>An Engineering Company of Chongqing</b>

    An Engineering Company of Chongqing(2018-09-30)

    On the premise of giving full consideration to the operating conditions of the equipment, on-site installation environment and deodorization environment, our company has provided assembling complete sets of treatment equipment for sludge co...

  • <b>[Techase Exhibition Forecast] ECWATECH & WEFTEC 2018</b>

    [Techase Exhibition Forecast] ECWATECH & WEFTEC 2018(2018-08-31)

    From 25 Septemberto 27 September,ECWATECH 2018 will soon have a grand opening. WEFTEC 2018 will be held during 1Octoberto 3 October. Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd. (“Techase”),as an international leader,domestic first...

  • <b>[Case Study: Multi Plate Screw Press]-Hunan Project</b>

    [Case Study: Multi Plate Screw Press]-Hunan Project(2018-08-31)

    1. A pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant in Hunan Problem: The company is a national key traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Chinese patent medicine. The com...

  • <b>Techase 10th Anniversary Celebration</b>

    Techase 10th Anniversary Celebration(2018-08-17)

    On August 7 to 8, 2018, we held a ceremonious 10th anniversary celebration at our Shanghai headquarter. Business representatives from all regions, employees of the production base and all employees in headquarter gathered together to celebr...

  • <b> [Case Study:Cloth Filter] Tianjin Haozhong Project</b>

    [Case Study:Cloth Filter] Tianjin Haozhong Project(2018-08-15)

    1. Working principle: The Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter is mainly used for advanced treatment of wastewater and reuse of reclaimed water. The technology uses a fiber filter medium with the concept of "anti-particle size" in directional...

  • <b>[Case Study:High Pressure Filter Press]–Shanghai Project</b>

    [Case Study:High Pressure Filter Press]–Shanghai Project(2018-08-10)

    1. Project location The project is located in Thirty Mile Fortress Industrial Zone which is near the port, Puwan New District, Dalian City. The waste water treatment plant covers a total area of 7.01 hectares. The first phase covers a total...

  • <b>[Case Study:Screw Press]–Zhejiang Fengdao Project</b>

    [Case Study:Screw Press]–Zhejiang Fengdao Project(2018-08-10)

    1. Project overview Zhejiang Fengdao Group is located in Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is the country's first batch of leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. The group company has 8 subsidiaries. It h...