News and Events
  • <b>Ningbo Canned Fruit Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Project</b>

    Ningbo Canned Fruit Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Project(2019-02-21)

    Ningbo Xiuke Food Co. Ltd is located in dongshan village, tangxi town, yinzhou district, Ningbo city. In 1999, the company obtained the right of import and export, and was rated as "Ningbo top ten leading agricultural enterprises" for nine...

  • <b>The First Day of Work in 2019</b>

    The First Day of Work in 2019(2019-02-12)

    The eighth day of the first lunar month is a good day to start work. But on the first day of work in the company , everyone felt dizzy and sleepy all the time. At that time, our boss sent us a wave of red envelopes. Of course, it was the mo...

  • <b>Shanghai Decision-making Committee Visited Our Company</b>

    Shanghai Decision-making Committee Visited Our Company(2019-02-06)

    On January 24, 2019, Mr. Zhou Qiren, committee member of Shanghai decision-making committee, visited the headquarters of our company with his delegation. We attached great importance to this visit. And Mr. Tian Jianqiang entertained them. I...

  • <b>Sudden Popularity of Hazardous Waste Treatment Industry</b>

    Sudden Popularity of Hazardous Waste Treatment Industry(2019-01-28)

    Some people wonder how hazardous waste treatment industry in solid waste subdivision field suddenly become so popular. The phrase “all of a sudden” is rather graphic. As a late-comer in the solid waste industry and even the whole enviro...

  • <b>End Year Party</b>

    End Year Party(2019-01-21)

    At the new decade, we meet in the future. This is a new starting point. Let us work hard for our dream. On January 19, 2019, our new year’s annual meeting officially started. All colleagues gathered together to welcome the New Year. 2018...

  • <b>Techase Last Decade</b>

    Techase Last Decade(2019-01-14)

    If I asked you to recall your past ten years now, would you still be able to think of yourself at that time? In those passing days, maybe you are okay, or you are struggling. I don't think many of you remember it. But I remember it. I remem...

  • <b>First Domestic 4F Underground STP Reconstruction Case</b>

    First Domestic 4F Underground STP Reconstruction Case(2019-01-11)

    Figure 1 The Pengjiawan area of Guiyang city is the modern business and commerce functional plate of Guihuang road, which is the "city belt of second ring and the four roads". The planning land use is 395.76ha, and the planned population is...

  • <b>Review of Year 2018</b>

    Review of Year 2018(2018-12-28)

    Time flies. The year of 2018 is about to pass. Looking back at 2018, opportunities and challenges coexist, success and sweat coexist. There have been a warm pursuit and a confused helpless too. How would you describe your 2018? Have you ach...

  • <b>Aces in the Hole of Our Multi Plate Screw Press</b>

    Aces in the Hole of Our Multi Plate Screw Press(2018-12-12)

    In the sludge dewatering industry, as an old brand of environmental protection equipment with ten years of experience, we focus on the innovation and RD of products. The multi plate screw press produced by us has become the first brand in t...

  • <b>100 Million Investment in Langfang Project</b>

    100 Million Investment in Langfang Project(2018-12-04)

    Langfang city is the provincial municipality of Hebei Province, which is located in the middle and lower reaches of Haihe basin and in the hinterland around Bohai. It enjoys the reputation of “pearl of Beijing-Tianjin corridor”. However...