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  • <b>Ningbo Canned Fruit Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Project</b>

    Ningbo Canned Fruit Wastewater Sludge Dewatering Project(2019-02-21)

    Ningbo Xiuke Food Co. Ltd is located in dongshan village, tangxi town, yinzhou district, Ningbo city. In 1999, the company obtained the right of import and export, and was rated as "Ningbo top ten leading agricultural enterprises" for nine...

  • <b>First Domestic 4F Underground STP Reconstruction Case</b>

    First Domestic 4F Underground STP Reconstruction Case(2019-01-11)

    Figure 1 The Pengjiawan area of Guiyang city is the modern business and commerce functional plate of Guihuang road, which is the "city belt of second ring and the four roads". The planning land use is 395.76ha, and the planned population is...

  • <b>An Engineering Company of Chongqing</b>

    An Engineering Company of Chongqing(2018-09-30)

    On the premise of giving full consideration to the operating conditions of the equipment, on-site installation environment and deodorization environment, our company has provided assembling complete sets of treatment equipment for sludge co...

  • <b>[Case Study: Multi Plate Screw Press]-Hunan Project</b>

    [Case Study: Multi Plate Screw Press]-Hunan Project(2018-08-31)

    1. A pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant in Hunan Problem: The company is a national key traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Chinese patent medicine. The com...

  • <b> [Case Study:Cloth Filter] Tianjin Haozhong Project</b>

    [Case Study:Cloth Filter] Tianjin Haozhong Project(2018-08-15)

    1. Working principle: The Vertical Fiber Cloth Media Filter is mainly used for advanced treatment of wastewater and reuse of reclaimed water. The technology uses a fiber filter medium with the concept of "anti-particle size" in directional...

  • <b>[Case Study:High Pressure Filter Press]–Shanghai Project</b>

    [Case Study:High Pressure Filter Press]–Shanghai Project(2018-08-10)

    1. Project location The project is located in Thirty Mile Fortress Industrial Zone which is near the port, Puwan New District, Dalian City. The waste water treatment plant covers a total area of 7.01 hectares. The first phase covers a total...

  • <b>[Case Study:Screw Press]–Zhejiang Fengdao Project</b>

    [Case Study:Screw Press]–Zhejiang Fengdao Project(2018-08-10)

    1. Project overview Zhejiang Fengdao Group is located in Xinchang County, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is the country's first batch of leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. The group company has 8 subsidiaries. It h...

  • <b>Application of Super High Pressure Filter Press</b>

    Application of Super High Pressure Filter Press(2018-08-03)

    Hello everyone. The content introduced today is divided into three parts: the first is super high pressure filter press, the second is the key technology matched with it, and the third is the representative cases. 1. Super high pressure fil...

  • <b>Multi Plate Screw Press in Pharmaceutical Industry</b>

    Multi Plate Screw Press in Pharmaceutical Industry(2018-07-20)

    With the development of the pharmaceutical industry,pharmaceutical waste waterhas become one of the important sources of pollution. The waste water produced by pharmaceutical companies is mostly organic substances with complex structure and...

  • <b>[Case Study] Sewage Sludge Dewatering Screw Press</b>

    [Case Study] Sewage Sludge Dewatering Screw Press(2018-06-27)

    This typical case is Techase multi plate screw press contract for sewage sludge dewatering application that Wuhan KD Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. signed with Shanghai Techase Environment Protection Co., Ltd.(“Techase”). Techase prov...