Wastewater Solutions

Since many waste water plants in our country were established during the “9th / 10th Five-Year Plan”, the discharge standards are low relatively. In recent years, people have been keeping their eyes on water resource shortage and higher water quality requirement are suggested and therefore the discharge standard of the national environment protection depart becomes higher. Some waste water plants have to improve their original water treatment facilities or even add subsequent deep treatment process in order to meet the discharge standard or water resource recovery. So during the “12th Five-Year Plan”, improvement of facilities in small towns and waste water plants will be highlighted in the waste water treatment industry of our country.

In view of this, the systematic solution for waste water improvement are developed by Techase and Tongji University by taking the ion fiber cloth media filter and biochemical phosphorus removal technology as the core, solving problems such as high investment, complicated process and high operation cost etc. for existing improvement systems in our country. The floor area for this solution is only 1/20 as that of traditional filters. The power consumption has been decreased to 25% of that used for traditional filters. The system features high phosphorus removal efficiency, easy management and good expansibility and is particularly available for meeting the standard of Class I A for waste water plants in towns.