Talent Strategy

Keeping Steps with Techase and Our Dream!

"Science and technology make better life, concepts make more harmonious world". Techase is supported by many talents with dreams.

Techase believes that the future development relies on excellent talents, modernized management and correct strategy. Techase advocates training excellent talents and establishing modernized enterprise system. The management innovation and technical innovation are always highlighted. Appropriate strategy research is our basis for keeping pace with the times and making correct decisions.

"We give priority to members with talents rather than educational backgrounds and concern ourselves with achievements rather than qualification" is our talent concept. We always keep our management under rational and lawful systems, perform our assessment based on realizable working targets, direct the work with proper management process, offer encouragement under fair and impartial rewards / punishment principle and introduce talents with good welfare policies. We develop under the principle of “People-Oriented Management” that is the footstone for creating our wonderful future.

Techase offers comfortable working conditions for all members, advocates close relationship between members and the company in order to optimize the creativity. The company, in addition to the good welfare policies, has established a systematic training plan for all members in order to meet the requirement of the modern society and optimize their ability in the company. The company has been providing a wider channel to members in learning advanced technologies and many opportunities in receiving complete vocational skill trainings. We will do our best to train excellent talents in order to make them be always competent.

In the 21st century, the major change of people’s living environment give Techase a great development opportunity and a mission for improving the global environment. Our company is always expecting talents and experts with innovative and creative spirits in this industry for the sake of seizing the opportunities and completing the mission. Our purpose is not only trying but doing the best! We offer not only a job but an opportunity to fulfill our undertakings with you.