Piling Slurry Dewatering

Piling Slurry Dewatering

Construction piling (pile foundation) technology is a cutting edge technology in the trenchless way. As one of the main systems of mud piling (pile), the mud treatment system directly affects the construction progress and quality. The treatment and disposal of the mud is one of the outstanding problems. In the construction of the city of piling mud water treatment has been plagued by the construction of the problem. Piling mud water is a kind of suspended liquid that contains a certain amount of fine mud particles. it has a certain viscosity and is difficult to layer even after a long time’s stand still.

The current treatment method of the pilling slurry is that the slurry is delivered to the landfill sites in suburb by tank cars and let it get dry naturally. But this way is too outdated and causes a lot of problems.

Firstly, this method is high in costs but low in efficiency. When the construction work is tense, the amount of piling slurry produced is still far beyond transported speed even the tank cars work day and light. Averagely, tank cars carry away 1 cubic meter’s piling slurry even cost as high as at least 20 yuan. Secondly, the slurry makes the working environment so bad that workers can’t walk on the ground and the construction team has to pay huge penalties for the slurry flows into the sewers and gets the sewers blocked. Another problem is that the leakage during transportation of tank cars on the primary distributor roads pollutes city environment.

In this case, Techase developed a solution for piling slurry treatment, the core equipment of which are multi-plate screw press and super high pressure filter press. This solution system, which can be installed at the construction site, will improve the treatment efficiency, reduce over 60% of the transportation and treatment costs, protect the city environment and make the construction site cleaner.

Different types of slurry feed pump can be selected according to the site conditions to ensure reasonable transferring rate and pressure when the slurry is pumped into the multi-plate screw press. The output sludge cakes are usually lower than 30% in moisture content that the volume of the slurry is highly reduced. Then construction work will not be affected.

Besides piling slurry, this solution is also suitable for the solid liquid separation application of other slurry, such as stone mud, drilling mud, tailings disposal, tunnel slurry, and mining slurry etc.

Factors including concurrent water-power, thin layer dewatering, proper pressure and dewatering path extension etc. were applied by the dewatering mechanism of Techase ®  multi-plate screw press. Lower energy / water consumption and longer service life can realized without changing the properties of the feed materials and with high efficiency.