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[Case Study: Multi Plate Screw Press]-Hunan Project

2018-08-31     Source:未知

1.       A pharmaceutical wastewater treatment plant in Hunan


The company is a national key traditional Chinese medicine enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of Chinese patent medicine. The company has established its own wastewater treatment plant to treat wastewater generated during the pharmaceutical process. The pharmaceutical sludge produced during the treatment of pharmaceutical waste water still has high toxic substances. It has many types, high concentration and poor stability. If it is not handled in time, it will cause serious environmental pollution. The moisture content of the sludge inlet is about 98%. Because the pharmaceutical sludge particles are small. They are colloidal with small specific weight, high moisture content, which is difficult to be treated by conventional solid-liquid separation equipment.

2.       Our solution:

In view of the characteristics of pharmaceutical sludge, we have carried out a series of optimized designs. We developed a new inorganic special screw shaft, adopted new configuration of rings to reduce the ring gap. We used different treatment processes and anti-corrosion materials for longer life. They purchased our multi plate screw press TECH- 201-F, which easily solved the above problems. The moisture content of the sludge outlet is about 80%. So far, our screw press has been running for two years without any problems, and the operation effect is good. 

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