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Techase 10th Anniversary Celebration

2018-08-17     Source:未知

On August 7 to 8, 2018, we held a ceremonious 10th anniversary celebration at our Shanghai headquarter. Business representatives from all regions, employees of the production base and all employees in headquarter gathered together to celebrate the 10th birthday of our company!

In the welcoming atmosphere of the company, we shared the latest situation. First, we watched the employee's message video together. When recording the video before, everyone expressed their own feelings about the work of company and anniversary blessings. In the following conference activities, no matter the company's "three major campaigns" mobilization meeting or the plan for the next ten years, everyone enthusiastically spoke up, showed themselves to the fullest, and made suggestions for the company's future development.

In the afternoon, the training activity of "the good habit of highly effective manager" was carried out in the blue innovation hall, which was explained by the company's enterprise consultant teacher Mr. Zhai Jiman. As a visiting professor of Huachuang Interactive Education Research Institute, deputy director of MBA center of China Agricultural University and professor of organization and management, professor Zhai enjoys a good reputation in the industry. In the training course, the explanation is also witty, vivid and interesting, impressive and beneficial.

The next day, we held the conference of version 1.0 of the strategic road map. Before started, we watched video of on the road together. It recorded wonderful moments of our colleagues who are diligent and hardworking. Video was very impressive. Later, chairman Zhang explained the company's strategic route and development plan and vision for the next few years. Everyone read the company's development vision together under the leadership of Mr. Zhang. I believe that our company will develop better and better in the next decade.

The signing ceremony under the theme of "Techase Ten Years' Covenant" was officially kicked off. Everybody signed on the wall, "I will do …… for the company". The occasion is full of people and lively. In the coming decade, we will continue to inject new blood to make our family bigger and stronger, work hard within our capacity and contribute our strength to realize the ideals of individuals and enterprises.

The 10th anniversary celebration, of course, is a joyful celebration party. In the blue innovation hall, accompanied by light music, the lovely executive girls came with a five-story luxury cake. Everyone sang the happy birthday song to celebrate the 10th birthday. As our company's oldest employee, Mr. Liang made a wish. Mr. Zhang and other several leaders cut the cake together, and shared the success, sweat, emotion and joy of the past decade.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, we gathered together happily. However, there are also many family members who have not been able to come to headquarter to participate in the activities. They are still working on the front line of positions and production. Here, thank them!

The 10th anniversary celebration marks the company has entered a new starting point, a new journey. All the past is the preface. In this new journey, we put aside our previous achievements and honors, continue to carry out the spirit of craftsman, constantly develop and innovate, and strive for excellence. We believe that with the joint efforts of all our fellow, the future of our company will be brilliant!

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