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Application of Super High Pressure Filter Press

2018-08-03     Source:未知

Hello everyone. The content introduced today is divided into three parts: the first is super high pressure filter press, the second is the key technology matched with it, and the third is the representative cases.

1. Super high pressure filter press

Super high pressure filter press is a kind of mechanical extrusion equipment used for sludge dewatering in recent years. This equipment has been gradually accepted and used by people in the field of sludge dewatering in the last decade. We are well known in the industry as the developer of this product. At the same time, this product now gives customer a new alternative to the diaphragm filter press when doing deep dehydration project.

   In essence, the super high pressure filter press is still a kind of dewatering equipment of plate and frame type. It has made new breakthroughs in the basis and working principles of the previous two generations. Similar to the diaphragm filter press, it is also divided into two stages of dehydration: the first stage is still filtered by the pressure of the sludge inlet pump. The second stage is also a process of secondary pressing. But unlike the diaphragm filter press, it is powered by a completely new structure.

From the point of view of pressure, the dehydration pressure directly applied to the sludge cake provided by the super high pressure filter press can reach 2.5mpa-7mpa.

    Where does the pressure of a super high pressure filter press come from? It comes from the built-in hydraulic system on the device. The hydraulic system works with double pumps.

Second, when the cylinder is pressed forward, the cavity volume changes during the second pressing. When pushing, the bearing plate and the pressing plate on the plate and frame will be shortened, and the thickness of sludge cake will be squeezed from the original 60mm to 25mm. We provide such a structure that the filter frame has a large compression ratio.

At the same time, the filter frame of the super high pressure filter press is currently designed with steel frame, and its service life is much longer than that of the conventional diaphragm frame. The working cycle is about 1.5 hours.

 The third characteristic is that there are various feeding and pressing modes in the actual project. According to different materials, different patterns can be adopted for combination, which can be flexibly adjusted.

   Super high pressure filter press products had made new development. Combined with the research of recent years, this year we developed a new product, YG type super high pressure filter press. The difference from the above mentioned super high pressure filter press is that the elastic medium of the filter frame is adjusted from steel spring to small oil cylinder. The dewatering performance and running stability of the equipment have been further improved. The feed pressure of the equipment can be stabilized at more than 1.2mpa, the working cycle is shorter, and the life of small oil cylinder is more guaranteed. It can not be replaced in batches within a few years.

This new product has already been running in several demonstration projects, and has been promoted commercially at this year's IE Expo China 2018. The response was very good.   

2. Key supporting technologies 

In addition to the performance of the press, the attachment of key equipment is also important if the deep dewatering system is to be effective. The first equipment is the sludge pre-concentration device, and the second equipment is the sludge conditioning device. Now I'd like to introduce the work done by our company from these two aspects.

First, in addition to being able to control the moisture content of sludge to about 93%, the whole equipment occupies a very small area and consumes very little energy. No pressure water cleaning is required during the entire concentration process. Everybody knows that the most important part is the screw shaft. We have made surfacing welding high resistant material on the outer end of the screw shaft to ensure the service life can be more than five years.

In order to further determine the dewatering performance of the sludge, we will carry out sludge pressing test experiments in the laboratory to provide more accurate data. For some difficult projects, we also use small sludge dewatering equipment to carry out on-site sludge dewatering experiments.

At the same time, we have also summarized some experiences in pharmaceutical conditioning according to the laboratory level and engineering projects. The above is just a list of the most commonly used traditional medicament treatments, so that you can know the crushing level of the equipment. In addition to these medicines, we have a lot of other conditioning methods. The cooperation with other pharmaceutical conditioning units has enabled us to accumulate a lot of experience in this field, which is conducive to achieving a good effect in the project.  

3. Case introduction of sludge treatment and disposal   

Changchun north suburb sludge treatment plant is a place for sludge disposal. In the later stage, compost technology is adopted, and in the early stage, our equipment is adopted. No auxiliary materials are added to the sludge. They used an imported engineering bacterium to compost and formed bio char, which is a very good project.

The sludge deep dewatering project of the second waste water plant in Zhenjiang new district is currently using YG type super high pressure filter press.

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